Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child and Adolescent Counseling

How do we help our young ones with their behavior or emotions? This is the question that leads many parents to my door. The solutions do not need to be a mystery. I want to help you as parents feel equipped and capable in handling the behaviors and emotions of your children or adolescents. Counseling is not a procedure done independently from parenting. For this reason, I will require you to be involved in your child or teen's counseling experience. Call to learn more!
All parents should be part of treatment

For children, I start by meeting with parents to gain insight into the child’s struggles and family dynamics. Working with parents in therapy is crucial to the intervention and treatment of behavioral and emotional disorder in children. Parents simply have the most access and consistent effect on a child’s daily life. Way more than a therapist’s weekly session. For this reason, I guide parents through a series of parental sessions to teach them how to impliment interventions in the home to create support and boundaries in their children’s lives. Then, we bring in the full family, parent and child, and/or individual play therapy sessions for the children to learn about managing their emotions.

I commonly work with children struggling with ADHD, anxiety, OCD, depression, ODD, and DMDD. With or without a diagnosis, we can together intervene in the behaviors and emotional difficulties you’re observing in your child or teen.


Teens are usually developmentally craving more independent space to talk about thier lives and learn about improving their emotional intelligence, with regular check-ins with parents. However, sessions with parents, siblings, or the full family work is often necessary for the teen’s treatment as well.


I do not specialize in Assessment and Diagnosis; I focus on treatment and intervention to address the problematic behaviors and emotional dysregulation your child, family, or self might be experiencing. If you need to obtain a professional evaluation with full write-up and paperwork, please look for Psychologists and Diagnostic Practices who focus specifically on the specialty of Evaluation and Assessment.


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*A copy of the divorce decree/custody paperwork is required before beginning services for any minors with custody arrangements.

*Family Therapists are not the appropriate avenue for seeking custody recommendations and court evidence for custody battles. Therapy should be a place to safely process the upset these situations might bring and seek healing from the effects of divorce. If you are a parent looking for help with child custody battles or professionals to testify in court, you will need to seek out a Forensic Psychologist or Forensic Counselor certified to perform Child Custody Evaluations or those who specialize in court and custody involvement. You may also seek out Parenting Facilitators or those who specialize in professional coparenting support or recommendations.