Family Therapy

In family therapy, we address your needs and concerns as individuals and as a unit. We discuss recurring patterns and how we can shift them to function better for everyone. We learn about and practice healthy communication and behavior. We help each individual gain awareness and develop new skills for their emotional regulation and relationship management. Each individual is challenged to take ownership for themselves and how they behave or interact with others. Together, we work towards your individual and family goals. Family therapy can take the form of play therapy, activity therapy, filial therapy, skills training, psychoeducation, parent training, and full family relational therapy. 

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*Family Therapists are not the appropriate avenue for seeking custody recommendations and court evidence for custody battles. Therapy should be a place to safely process the upset these situations might bring and seek healing from the effects of divorce. If you are a parent looking for help with child custody battles or professionals to testify in court, you will need to seek out a Forensic Psychologist or Forensic Counselor certified to perform Child Custody Evaluations or those who specialize in court and custody involvement. You may also seek out Parenting Facilitators or those who specialize in professional coparenting support or recommendations.

*A copy of the divorce decree/custody paperwork is required before beginning services for any minors with custody arrangements.