NeuroEmotional Technique

NET Therapy

NeuroEmotional Technique

In addition to talk therapy, I also utilize the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help individuals process their traumas and trapped stress. NET is a muscle-response system of identifying unresolved stressors. The body's reactivity to verbal promptings allows us to gain insight into what your internal system is holding onto, often from your past memories. You will be given ample time to process the emotions uncovered through this technique and process traumas and trapped tensions you carry around with you from your various experiences and deeply held beliefs about yourself and others. On a fundamental level, this technique deals directly with trauma, survival, success, and love.

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NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress patterns. Emotional responses are naturally ‘hard wired’ in the body. A stimulus happens, we respond, and then the body should return to normal. Occasionally, however, emotional trauma in the presence of a neurological or meridian deficit can cause a physio-pathological pattern in the body that does not resolve itself. NET is a tool that can be used to help improve many behavioral and physical stress conditions, and facilitates the resolution of stress trapped in the mind and body.


I partner with the practitioners at Well Within Chiropractic & Wellness to provide clients access to the Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) in therapy.


NET 50-minute sessions are $150

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Empirical evidence for NET
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ONE Research Foundation

The ONE Research Foundation does some of the world's most important and cutting edge scientific research in integrative health care. It is comprised of individuals who are committed to the natural, noninvasive healing of the mind and body. Thier mission is to advance mind-body healthcare through research, education and service. View their research and award-winning documentary, "Stressed."

Holistic Health

Local NET health care
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Well Within Chiropractic & Wellness
5899 Preston Rd Suite 201
Frisco, TX 75034
Well Within is a holistic health care practice that takes a full-body approach to finding the underlying causes that are keeping your body from functioning as it was intended to, rather than just treating symptoms. They practice holistic/alternative medicine to assist many who have exhausted their medical resources or would like to try more natural paths towards physical health. Both Dr. Demaris and Dr. Robbins utilize NET in their health care treatment.