Individual Counseling

Personal growth requires work! Don't stay stuck in your own head. Reach out with willingness to learn!
Professional counseling gives you an opportunity to be heard, to hear yourself, and receive help to challenge the thoughts and behaviors that are obstacles in your life. In individual sessions, you identify the areas that are hardest for you, get psychoeducation tailored to what you are experiencing, and develop skills to accept and grow in those hard areas. Maybe you have a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, or you might be struggling with personality disorder tendencies within yourself or your family. Maybe you're struggling with your friendships or relationships and you don't know why. Likely, things have happened in life that leave you feeling stuck, traumatized, or confused. Whatever has led you here... please know that I believe in every human's ability to recover, repair, and grow because I see it every day with my clients. Be willing to imperfectly stumble forward toward a better life. Choose growth. Begin by claiming the support available through counseling.

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In addition to talk therapy, I also offer use of the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help individuals process their traumas and trapped stress. NET is a muscle-response system of identifying unresolved stressors. The body’s reactivity to verbal promptings allows us to gain insight into what your internal system is holding onto, often from your past memories. You will be given ample time to process the emotions uncovered through this technique and process traumas and trapped tensions you carry around with you from your various experiences and deeply held beliefs about yourself and others. On a fundamental level, this technique deals directly with trauma, survival, success, and love.

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I do not specialize in Assessment and Diagnosis. If you are looking for a professional evaluation and full write-up, please look for Psychologists and Diagnostic Practices who focus specifically on the specialty of Evaluation and Assessment.