Behavioral Parent Training

Behavioral Parent Training

Sometimes parents have the wishful thought that they can just hand over thier child to a professional to be “fixed” and returned to them as ideal creatures. But research shows that Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) is much more effective than individual play therapy or individual counseling, especially for ADHD, ODD, DMDD, and other diagnoses given to children with non-compliant behaviors. Parents who are willing to become equipped to improve the mental health of themselves and their children are far more effective at creating the changes in their family, home, and relationships. Well trained parents are the most effective intervention tool for struggling children. I can help you learn to do more for your child than any professional could in their occassional visits with them. 

Managing children is complicated, and many parents struggle with their own childhood traumas interacting with thier ideals and the strain of daily parenting. Many feel uncertain about how controlling vs permissive they should be with their children. You are not alone! It is a struggle to juggle discipline, the parent-child relationship, and our own stressors and reactivity. You’ve got a lot to navigate, and it IS possible!

In Parental Counseling, you will bring in your needs and goals to work together with a professional to equip yourself to effect and maintain healthy behavior and relationships in your home. You will learn about childhood development, parenting styles, and effective discipline techniques. With most parents, I help you create a discipline program that aligns with your values and goals. Together, we identify the skills you and your children can acquire to improve their behavioral, emotional, social, and/or household functioning. Parental Counseling is generally a weekly commitment for all the parents/guardians involved in the child’s life.


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For children with custody arrangements between households, I recommend intermittent joint sessions for all willing co-parents accompanying the separate sessions for each household. However, Family Therapists are not the appropriate avenue for seeking mediation, custody recommendations, or court evidence for custody battles. Therapy should be a place to safely process the upset these situations might bring and seek emotional healing, behavioral improvement, and resilience to get through them. If you are a parent looking for help with child custody battles, you will need to seek out a Forensic Psychologist or Forensic Counselor certified to perform Child Custody Evaluations. You may also seek out Parenting Fascilitators for professional coparenting support, recommendations, and custody testimony in court.