How do I get started?

If you’re ready to start, call or email me at (972) 379-7807 or tricia@mightandmindcounseling.com and tell me when you’re available to chat. Please keep in mind that calls are not immediately answered due to active therapy sessions, but you are always welcome to leave a voice message letting me know good times to call you back. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of what to expect and steps to take in beginning sessions, please review the Simple Process section below this FAQ section.

Can I do virtual sessions?

Yes! I offer secure video Telehealth sessions for anyone in the state of Texas. Simply discuss this request with me and I will set up your appointment as virtual, which will set you up to receive email reminders with the link to the video session.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid being fully charged for the hour’s reservation. If you have a regularly weekly time, you are expected to attend those regularly. If you begin to establish a pattern of too many cancellations (2-3 times per month or every other session), you will loose your regularly scheduled time slot and need to schedule one session at a time according to availability. If you frequently cancel, the cancellation policy may increase to 48 hours, 72 hours, or whatever is needed for the therapist to practice appropriate boundaries with you as you learn to respect her schedule and time.

Do you accept insurance?

While I do not work with insurance, I do provide superbills if you request that for reimbursement from your insurance company for out-of-network providers.

I do offer sliding scale fees for those financially struggling. Reach out to discuss pricing!

What is the best way of contacting you?

If you have not spoken with me already, you should email or call me with your phone number and times that you are available to speak. My email is tricia@mightandmindcounseling.com and my phone number is (972)379-7807.

If we have already arranged your first session (and should be in my system as a client), go to https://tricia-foster.clientsecure.me/ and message me there securely.

How do I complete the intake paperwork?

You may complete the online paperwork on your phone or computer. You will receive an email from Might and Mind Counseling with a secure link to the online portal. Once you have received this email you are considered an Existing Client and can go to https://tricia-foster.clientsecure.me/ at any time to receive a new secure link to access the portal and message Tricia or complete paperwork. Please complete intake paperwork as soon as possible. Paperwork must be completed online at least 48 hours prior to the first session to allow the therapist time to review the paperwork and contact you if needed. If you do not complete the paperwork as requested, your sesssion may be postponed until all paperwork in received.

How long will I be in counseling?

The first few sessions are for you to explore who you are, your life, your history, and how you understand your mental health and struggles in life. This talk therapy is beneficial for you to start organizing your thoughts out loud, hear the therapist repeat some back to you, and allow yourself to be heard, understood, and also challenged in the thoughts or habits not helping you. Everyone is different and takes different amounts of time to develop enough working rapport with their therapist to receive challenges well and begin homework, skill practice, and training. While there is no set amount of sessions to guarantee results, mostly due to individual differences, I generally say to expect weekly sessions for 6-12 months. When you have reached your main treatment goals, we likely will shift to every other week sessions, then monthly, then as needed for maintenance. Depending on your goals and progress, you may need more or less than the initial 6-12 months of weekly sessions. Treatment and recovery is neither linear nor done all at once. Individuals often return to counseling/therapy at different stages in their life as they come to understand things more or evolve through thier experiences in life. This is natural and normal. Returning to sessions to pursue more goals can be almost like pursuing more advanced degrees in your education — you are able to learn more deeply and intensely than your previous rounds of learning and growth.

A Simple Process

How Does it Work?

If you would appreciate more thorough information about how to begin and what to expect, here is a look at the process I use as a family therapist.

Step 1:
Schedule a Free Consultation

To begin counseling, you first need to speak with the counselor about your needs. Contact Tricia with the times you are available to talk on the phone for 10-15 minutes (free phone consultation). During this call, you will talk about what you are looking for and answer questions about your needs. If your needs are an appropriate fit for my services, we will discuss scheduling and set up a time for your first appointment.

Step 2:
Complete your online paperwork

You will receive an email with a link to the online portal. Click on it and complete all the online paperwork on your phone or computer. The paperwork will include your consent to treatment and answering questions about your personal history. Please complete it all 48 hours prior to your session so that the therapist may review everything.

Step 3:
Begin sessions!

If you have arranged for virtual sessions, you will receive a link in your email 10-15 minutes before the session. If you come in person, arrive at the Caddo Office Building at 2770 Main Street and wait in the front until it is the exact time of your session. Then, go back to suite 152. You will sit down and begin talking with Tricia about your concerns, your life, your mental health, and your goals.